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Out of history's mists come film pioneers and long-lost cartoon greats - the "roots" of animation's Golden Age! Dive into the works of Max Fleischer, Earl Hurd, Paul Terry, and Walter Lantz; sample the best of Col. Heeza Liar, Krazy, Koko and more. Meet Binko the Cub, first creation of Bob McKimson, Preston Blair and Ken Harris, in a long-lost short from the Romer Grey Studio - making its video debut for the first time anywhere!

Contents include:

Lightning Sketches (J. Stuart Blackton, 1907); Cartoons On Tour (Raoul Barré, 1915); Mutt & Jeff in Fireman Save My Child (1920); Farmer Alfalfa in Springtime (Paul Terry, 1923); The Jolly Rounders (Aesop's Fables, 1923); Felix Comes Back (Otto Messmer, 1922); Krazy Kat in Scents and Nonsense (Bill Nolan, 1926)...

Bray Studios greats: Bobby Bumps Starts to School (Earl Hurd, 1917); Jerry on the Job in The Bomb Idea (1920); Koko the Clown in The Circus (Max Fleischer, 1920); Col. Heeza Liar, Detective (Vernon Stallings, 1923); Dinky Doodle in Lost and Found (Walter Lantz, 1926)...

Early sound rarities: Hot-Toe Mollie (Romer Grey, 1930); Toby the Milkman (Dick Huemer, 1931); and The Farmerette (Van Beuren Prod., 1932).

Newly remastered in HD by Steve Stanchfield, these films are sourced from original 16mm, 28mm, and 35mm prints in the Tom Stathes collection. Some silent shorts feature new scores by noted film accompanists Robert Israel and Ben Model; others include vintage tracks, many compiled by David Gerstein. Our beautiful package art is the work of cartoonist Stephen DeStefano.

It's some of the shorts you've seen in our recent TCM specials... plus more! Dig down to the roots of cartoon history - Cartoon Roots!

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