If you are arriving via the south bound Hollywood Freeway (101), exit on Highland Ave.  Immediately, as you merge from the off ramp onto the parallel street, move to your left lane.  Pass the first light (which will actually be a freeway entrance) and turn left at the next light, which is ODIN Street.  This will be just past the Bowl entrance.  I don’t remember seeing a sign that says Odin St.  After making your left turn via the signal arrow, crossing Highland Blvd going in the opposite direction, onto Odin Street, turn right into PARKING LOT D.  Go across the lot D until you get in front of the Barn - park there (sort of in the middle with the other cars).  Note, if you happen to miss Odin St turn, turn left at the next light, Milner Road and then turn into the parking lot from that side, drive to front of Barn and park.  As it is a confusing area if you are not used to it, and I’m not sure your GPS will get it right, study this before leaving.  Lots of accidents on these corners as traffic moves fast past the area.  The address of the museum is technically 2100 North Highland Ave., Hollywood, CA 90028.