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Fire Destroys Paramount Ranch Western Street

paramount ranch church

Hollywood’s famous Paramount Ranch has been the backdrop for many films and tv shows since the late 1920’s. The Western Town, built in the ‘50s, was recently destroyed in the Woolsey Fire, though the church and train station remain. It was the backdrop for many productions such as Westworld and Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. The site offers gentle hikes that allow a quiet enjoyment of the stunning landscape.


November 2018, the Woolsey Fire raged through this area, destroying 88% of the National Park Service land within the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. The fire wiped out miles of trails, wildlife habitat, Western Town at Paramount Ranch, multiple ranger houses, the Rocky Oaks archives building and more. The road to recovery is long and difficult journey, but progress is being made. The glorious green hillsides and wild flowers after the rain offer hope at a difficult time. While there is still much to be done, we would like to celebrate the rebirth of life to the mountains.

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