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Frankenstein, Dracula And The Mummy Are Haunting LA's Natural History Museum


Now through April 2020 you can visit the museum and see much of their collection on display.  For the full article (click here).  Here is a sample of what our own Beth Werling, Chairperson of the Museum Committee and collections manager at the LA History Museum said:

The museum was one of the few movie prop collectors out there when it began its collection in 1930. Many of its pieces were donated by Universal Studios in 1935, and both the studio and the family of its founder have donated objects over the years.

"Because we began so early, and before it was considered a real industry worthy of collecting, we were the first out of the door," museum collections manager Beth Werling told journalists at a press event. "So all of the major studios, and many of their founders, the inventors, the animators, etcetera, donated to us."

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