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How You Can Help

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Interested in protecting Hollywood’s landmarks and neighborhoods?


Hollywood Heritage needs volunteers to help us keep track of landmarks, neighborhoods, and homes in Hollywood.

Tasks range from


  • Periodic checking on property conditions

  • Photography

  • Writing landmark applications

  • Internet and library research

  • Maintenance of our watch list (must be familiar with Excel)

  • Mapping

  • Monitoring City websites for Council, Commission, and hearing agendas

  • Organizing email “blasts” for committee members and general public

  • Updating walking tour content

  • Creating new walking/ self-guided driving tours

  • Newsletter articles related to preservation issues

  • Developing our “Hollywood Historic Streets” project

  • Managing the Survey data (Excel)

  • Oral history


For information email [email protected].



Who is already helping…


Margot Gerber:  Margot is a former Board member of Hollywood Heritage, is active in the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles, and is on the staff of American Cinemateque, housed at the historic Egyptian Theater on Hollywood Boulevard.  She has been instrumental in coordinating the preservation efforts of HH and ADSLA to register landmarks such as the Redwine Building.  With a presence on social media, she helped to publicize HH’s recent “This Place Matters” campaign to document residents’


Kevin Jordan

Donna Williams

Richard Adkins




Code Enforcement


How To Report a Property Violation to the Department of Building and Safety -




If a building is a designated landmark, or is in a Historic Preservation Overlay Zone (Historic District) athe Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety is responsibile for investigating code violations on existing single family residential, commercial, industrial and vacant buildings inside the City of Los Angeles. If you wish to file a complaint regarding potential code violation(s) on a private property, you may do so by using this website:    or calling 311.




The following information is required when submitting a service request:




Property address requiring attention



Your name



Your phone number




You can learn if there is a permit on file for an address by accessing the





The purpose of the Internet Based Property Activity Report is to allow easy access and visual display of general information from the Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) Plan Check and Inspection System (PCIS) and the Code Enforcement System (CEIS). This general information can be generated by either the address(es) or PCIS/CEIS number associated with it.




There are 4 ways to access this information via



4 ways to search:



1. Address (use the "th" in numbered streets)



2. Permit Application Number (15 digit xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx)



3. Plan Check/Job Number (10 digit)



4. CEIS Customer Request Number



You may also access the Property Activity Report from the ZIMAS webpage of the property.


Select the "Jurisdictional" dropdown menu and click on "Building Permit Info's" View.






If a building is a multiple residence, such as duplexes, apartments, etc. these types of structures fall under the jurisdiction of the Los Angeles Housing Department. To report a property violation on a building of this type go to:



You may also call the Los Angeles Housing Department (LAHD) at 1-866-577-RENT (7368). The LAHD is responsible for investigating code violations related to rental properties within the City of Los Angeles containing more than one dwelling unit, such as duplexes, apartment buildings or more than one single family dwelling on a property.



NOTE: the website takes you to the Property Activity Report webpage even when selecting the Report a Violation site. However, once the property information is provided, the Report has a link to the Report a Property Violation site.


The purpose of the Internet based Property Activity Report is to allow easy access from the Los Angeles Housing Department (LAHD) Code and Rent Information System (CRIS).



There are 3 ways to search:



1. Address



2. 10-digit Assessor Parcel Number (APN)



3. Case Number



If the violations are public health related such as Mold, Infestationi, Rodents, Lead or Asbestos concerns, you must contact Environmental Health Services Los Angeles at 1-888-700-9995.



Our Thanks to the Los Angeles Department of City Planning, Office of Historic Resouces for this useful information and to the Los Angeles Conservancy for putting together the conference and making this information available.



Many members have contacted us regarding how to proceed when they see questionable activity going on at a historic, or potentially historic site - Please follow the links below to obtain phone numbers to call in this situation.



East Hollywood Neighborhood Council

Hollywood Studio District Neighborhood Council

Central Hollywood Neighborhood Council

Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council

Hollywood United Neighborhood Council

East Hollywood BID

Hollywood Entertainment BID

Sunset & Vine BID

Hollywood Media BID

Hollywood Chamber of Commerce

Hollywood Arts Council



The Los Angeles Conservancy

Pasadena Heritage

California Preservation Foundation

National Trust for Historic Preservation

LA as Subject

(USC Libraries)

Photo Friends & LA Public Library

Bison Archives




City Planning Department

Office Of Historic Resources

Survey LA


California Office of Historic Preservation

National Park Service

(Technical Preservation Services)













Kari Morrison





Leron Gubler


Shauna McClure





Laura Dominguez,

Adrian Fine


Jesse Lattig

Cindy Heitzman

Chris Morris





Christina Rice


Marc Wanamaker







Ken Bernstein

Lambert Giessinger


Janet Hansen

Shannon Ryan

Lucina Woodward,

Timothy Brandt




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