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At the Hollywood Legion Theater:


Friday, September 16th

at 7:00 pm!

** Presented in 35mm and featuring Academy Award nominee Talia Shire in conversation with historian Alan K. Rode **

Photos courtesy Getty Images; Everett / New York Post

It's an offer you can't refuse.

Don't miss your chance to see one of the greatest American films ever made on the big screen, presented in glorious 35 mm: Friday, September 16th, at the Hollywood Legion Theater. For the past 50 years, Francis Ford Coppola's stunning adaptation of Mario Puzo's saga of the Corleone crime family has been routinely regarded as one of the best films of all time. This powerful statement on the American Dream exquisitely explores themes of corruption, power, and family, honestly and, often, brutally.

If you've never experienced THE GODFATHER on the big screen, there's no better time than now for its 50th anniversary year.

Featuring a conversation with celebrated film historian and author Alan K. Rode and Oscar nominated actress Talia Shire who portrays Connie Corleone in THE GODFATHER trilogy.

For ticket information click HERE


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